Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FALL ... GLORIOUS FALL !! ... and a CHALLENGE for you !

I love FALL ... my absolute favourite season. And October is my A-1, Hands Down, Top of the Heap favourite month. I love Thanksgiving because it is so wonderfully "harvesty" with amazingly good food (much of it LOCAL) and no expectations of gifts or extreme decorating, just gathering and eating. What could be better ? It is also my birthday month and I LOVE my birthday ! I am happy to get older ... the alternative is riding in the OTHER PART of my hearse ... not so good ! and every year is more fun & exciting. So I am thrilled to celebrate my birthday and always try to draw it out to at least a week long festival ... childish & self-centered, I know, but I still do it ! And then there is our annual Pumpkin Carving Party. Love that ! And the Pumpkin Regatta in Windsor, the Pumpkin People in Kentville, beautiful flaming leaves, crisp nights, sunny days. And, then, the holiday of all holidays HALLOWE'EN !! It is simply the best !!
Fall also brings out the COMFORT FACTOR. Fires in the woodstove, blankets for TV watching, sweaters, flannel PJs, soups & stews, baking, comfort food. I have been in the comfort cooking zone this last week. Chicken, leek, and rice soup ( leeks from my garden !!) ... chili ... buttermilk cheese biscuits ... cabbage rolls ... butterscotch pie ( and no pudding mix either !). My next plan is Hot Pepper Jelly and then cooked pumpkin for the freezer.

But one thing is missing ... time spent sitting at my work table MAKING THINGS . SO I have decided to challenge myself to MAKE SOMETHING EVERYDAY for the month of October. Something... anything ... JUST MAKE IT !! It may be just a tag one day, or a card, or part of a bracelet, but it will be time spent creating & crafting. And it will be creating a time-use pattern that will hopefully stick for the whole winter. The rewards will be great !! I will post photos as PROOF !! (Hmm ...But what's to say that I don't madly run around the house taking photos of stuff I made 5 years ago ... KIDDING !!! I am not going to CHEAT ON MYSELF !!) But here's where you come in ...
Why not join me ? Try to make something everyday for the whole month of October. Work on a scrapbook page, stamp a few cards, string a few beads, knit a few rows, whatever ! Add a comment to say that you are in then update us throughout the month with what you are doing. I'll try to get photos from some of you to add to the blog. It will be a rewarding INSPIRING thing for all of us !!

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Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring!
Where do you get the energy?
I love it that you push forward and enjoy every minute of it!
You're my newest role model-just what I needed.Deep breath, next step.
Please call if you have a minute.

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