Saturday, September 26, 2009


It is an absolutely positively GLORIOUS day ! Sun & lovely fresh air. We are off this aft to meet with the FLAME PAINTER and see her sketches ... I am getting excited again !! Then ... who knows - the world is our oyster !
Here are a few great things that I am loving today !
1. Fall . It can't be beat. Crisp days, sunshine, cool nights, apples, flamelike leaves ... PERFECTION !!
2. Blankets again at night. Oh, it is so nice to snuggle under a pile of fuzzy blankets instead of a skimpy sheet. MMMmmmmm.
3. Vicki's Fish & Chips. We went last night for the first time - oh, my. The special was a 3 pc fish and chips for $9.99. The 3 pieces were HUGE !! ( one came home for Mama Kitty & her babies) And the batter was excellent - thin & crispy. It was perhaps THE freshest, most white fish I have ever had - and I am fish-picky. Excellent !
4. Crispy juicy apples... and all they could become ... caramel apples I am thinking !
5. Pink Paislee "Amber Road" paper... oh so beautiful !
6. My new stamps from Close to my Heart. Lovely !
7. A whole wide open sunny afternoon ... ready for adventure !
Have a super weekend !!


Anonymous said...

We had breakfast today from Vicki's. It was AWESOME...the Fisherman's breakfast came with fishcakes - mmmmm


Anonymous said...

Fish and Chips sound yummy.
Could you give me a call if you have a minute?

... a few of my favourite things ...