Tuesday, October 21, 2008

aah, It's a Mermaid's Life !

Oh, what a fun evening ! The first ever Mermaid Cocktail party was held on Saturday night.
We decorated Hattie Bit's house in a mermaid theme - sea shells, glittery blues & greens, mermaids, flickering candles, sea-sparkly fabrics, fish lights, ... It was beautiful !!
Then we made pitchers of drinks - all based on colour of course !- and set up the bar with little umbrellas ( Because life is too short to not have little umbrellas, says the magnet on my fridge ...) and fluffy fruit picks thanks to Mona & Bonnie. The food was then piled on the table & the guests began to arrive. Fifteen of us in total !!
Some of them brought instruments, some made instruments, some had made special jewelry ... it was lovely !!
We served drinks, played a few fun games, laughed, ate , drank , and then we ENTERTAINED ! That may be a loose term for what we did but we ourselves were certainly entertained !! There's something very liberating about a long flowing PURPLE wig !!!
Sadly the evening came to an end. We passed out free passes to the "Feel Good Bus" as the mermaids went out the door. It was so much fun to spend an evening getting to know other women who have that same zest for life. Women got so involved in working, careers, and doing "it all" that we seem to have forgotten to have friends and just enjoy. So forget all that other stuff ... take a good look at your life, make a concerted effort to make some friends, and schedule in a little fun ... you will love yourself for it !!

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Happy Stamper said...

It was truly a night to remember... the decorations, the food, the friends and the THREE FELLOW MERMAIDS who planned and put it together. The laughter that rang out from the party will remain music to my ears for a long, long time....maybe it will drown out the memory of us singing and playing! He! He!

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