Thursday, October 9, 2008

OKAY ... 2nd post in one day. But ENOUGH ALREADY !!!

Okay, I think I have a fish stink curse or something today .... I come to work to my find a hole in my store window. A NUT ( like nut&bolt nut) was through the window. So ... sorry profit ... won't be seeing you this week. Then I realize that I didn't bring any lunch for us. But there is a loaf of bread so we're okay. BUT there is a fruit fly in the bread bag. Charlie doesn't care but I do. He can eat fruit fly sandwiches if he wants but not me. So I opt for another bowl of yogurt & granola. Somehow my hand FREAKS out and I dump the WHOLE BOWL towards the floor. I say towards because not much of it actually fell on the floor. It instead glopped on all the power cords, plugs, phone lines, speaker wires, and spare phones that are on that section of floor. WHAT A MESS !!!
I wipe it all up, get the vacuum and promptly suck up a loose piece of carpet thread and the vacuum is STUCK to the floor. Sheesh !
In the midst of this I wait on a customer who tells me to have a nice day. I thank her & return the sentiment but IN MY HEAD I am thinking this : "Thanks, but I thought it over this morning, and I opted for a totally f*cked up day instead. But maybe tomorrow."
But ... I had a lovely time with my band this morning & I didn't get electrocuted cleaning yogurt off plugs & adaptors so I refuse to see this as a bad day !! BUT GO AWAY FISH STINK CURSE !!!!

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Happy Stamper said...

You are too funny! I am so glad my nose is know, the kind of nose that can't really smell stinky things...well, maybe just Arnie's stinky *****. He! He!

... a few of my favourite things ...