Monday, October 27, 2008


That is what this weekend was . Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Saturday night was our Annual Pumpkin Carving party ( done it twice in a row, that makes it annual...). Our friends gathered to carve pumpkins & decorate cakes all in pursuit of the fabulously valuable and much coveted medals. The ages ranged from 7 to ...older ... But age meant nothing !! The pumpkins were carved - and oh, my ! The bar was raised this year ! - and the cakes were coated with icing & then mounded with candies, sprinkles, and sugar. We had a few new people to the contest this year - and one totally new to all of us - and they joined in like old pros . They even came prepared (okay, the second trip...) with templates, hair and teeth. Food was served, prizes were awarded,there was some vote fixing..., a birthday cake & wishes were served to our friend Bao, and then .... A PERFORMANCE BY THE BAND ... with guest members. So much laughing - an excellent singing & playing. We are definitely at THE TOP OF OUR GAME !!!

It was such a great evening - being with these people that we love and just having fun.

Then came Sunday ... what were we going to do on this warm October day ... not sure. Charlie said he had to give Arnie a hand with something so off we went. SURPRISE !!! It was actually a road trip ... oh, and such a good one ! Six of us piled in the truck and we were off. Six of my favourite people in the whole world and we had the whole day ahead of us. We went to see the wonderful, magical, storybook stone houses. It really felt like a splendid Lilliput village. I would not have been one bit surprised to see an Oompa Loompa come out of any door. Inside they were again truly storybook - red gingham & calico, tiny round chairs, dishes all in bright colours, ... "Alice ?? Are you and the Mad Hatter in there ?" MAGICAL !!!

But the day did not end there. We went to the BARN !!! I have never been, always wanted to go. WISH GRANTED !!! Paulette was so kind to open up so we could go in ... and to feed the hungry Charlie ... She has beautiful things & I came home with a little pile of special treasures. An album was added to the pile as a free gift so that will be the basis for my "Perfect Weekend" book. THEN, MORE ... off to The Port for an excellent dinner . Then back to Myleta & Arnie's for cake and presents. THE CAKE - yummy real true old fashioned vanilla cake with pink frosting. Now THAT'S a birthday cake !!! And the presents - such wonderful thoughtful and hysterically funny gifts !! I am not going to be one of these people who say presents don't matter - who doesn't really love a great present ? And these were awesome - they were all so well made or so well chosen and each one meant so much. I LOVE them !!

So , see what I mean about the perfect weekend ? My days were filled with activity, exploration, creativity, and laughter. I spent the whole time with Charlie who fills me with happiness and all these special friends. It really doesn't get any better. My life is so great & each day is only better . I cannot ask for more !


Happy Stamper said...

It REALLY was glad the Pumpkn Carving Party is an annual event. I am glad you were with your 6 fav peole because that means one of them was YOU!!! I am happy you enjoyed your weekend!
Have a Very Happy Birthday!

Spoonster said...

I have to say this was one of my best weekends in years, not a moment was wasted. I feel like a kid again hangin out with such fine, fun, freakin people. You guys are sooooooooooo awesome I miss you when I dont see you for a few days! Love yas all!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a good weekend! It really was awesome!! Thanks for the fantastic time on Saturday, too!! See you tonight at Bead & Eat!
Love, HB!

Anonymous said...

P.S....the pic of the band is too funny!! lol!

... a few of my favourite things ...