Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A day at HOME !!!

Yesterday I stayed home. I worked really hard on Monday and STAYED HOME TUESDAY !! That's big for me. I plan to do it more this winter. I really LOVE IT !!!
I got up at 8am and got showered & dressed - I hate to sleep in - to me that seems like I am wasting my precious time !! Then my wonderful stay-at-home day started. I did some householdy type things then made breakfast. I decided to read after breakfast. It was the first thing on my mental list of "Luxurious Stay-at-Home Stuff". I was reading "The Friday Night Knitting Club" and had been really enjoying it. I read ALL MORNING. Then I had lunch, called a pal, and decided I would read a bit more ... Then the book took a DRAMATIC I-NEVER-SAW-IT-COMING moment. I was hooked. I read on and on. I wept, I wailed, I threw my head back & sobbed .... oh my. Then I made dinner. The day was done. I had read all day !!! But, oh, it was delicious !!
The book, by the way, is really good. EMOTIONAL but good. I love stories about people ... and these are the kind of people I like. The characters are a group of women who hold each other up and make each other better. There are women who need help and women who are strong. And eventually those who are strong also realize they need help too. And the ones who need help become strong when needed . It was very much like real life & I loved those women , warts and all. It made me think of my lovely supportive circle of friends and the gratitude & love I have for them all.
Later that night, I watched Oprah which I rarely ever do. But I saw that it was about Christina Applegate & her breast cancer fight. I admire her very much. So I watched it and I saw Nancy Brinker (I believe) who started the Susan G Komen fund in honour of her sister. That is the organization that started the whole thing - the pink movement, the Walk/Run for the Cure, and the huge movement of women supporting women. More tears. (Weepy day !) But it was an honour to see the woman who I feel created a huge "sisterhood" of hope, love, and support. Amazing.
So , all in all, a GREAT day of reading, reflection, and utter gratitude. Here's to the women of the world !!

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Happy Stamper said...

Ummm...your day at home pretty much describes my EVERYDAY! I know how fortunate I am to enjoy this kind of life. I do think Arnie likes to come home to a warm house, a warm and happy wife and a (usually) good cooked meal, so in the end it does benefit two people, not to mention Tommy who is fed treats and has company all day. I love the books you describe and it does reinforce the importance of keeping and valuing women friends in our lives. So thank you DEAR 'woman' friend for being a part of my life...warts and all!

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