Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whew !!

Wow !! What a WHIRLWIND of WONDERFUL !!! My birthday was 3 days long preceded by a Hallowe'en party - is that AWESOME or WHAT ??!!! One would have thought that Sunday was really enough but no ... there was more !!! Skully & I were going to go out for a lunch but that too was a decoy. It was actually a surprise lunch at Spoonsters with Skully, Hattie Bit, and "Susan". There was delish soup,desserts, and even more presents ... talk about SPOILED !!! We had a great afternoon laughing & JUST PLAIN BEING !
Then dinner at the folks with more cake, presents, ... Lovely. So the birthday comes to an end but it was all wonderful.
So last night was our Bead & Eat ... a group of us get together once a month to bead, eat, and chat. Okay, chat, bead, and eat. More like it. I have to admit that I have had the same bracelet on my tray for the last 3 B&Es... last night I held it up many times, stretched it out, pretended to work on it ... but I actually just wanted to be there with all these wonderful people & enjoy their company. I had no beading goals. But, I digress ( what's new ??!) . Anyway, when snack time came, I heard the refrains of the Happy Birthday song ... and VOILA ! a carrot cake with candles appeared. How wonderful are these people ??? Anyway, another great evening with great people.
Tonight I hope to make candy apples for my pals and chill a bit . The pace has been fast but oh, so exciting !!

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh that you put "Susan" in quotations...but Skully, Spoonster & Hattie Bit went they are our real names! lol! It almost seems normal, doesn't it? I love it!!
Bead & Eat was so fun last night! Thankyou, Rice Ball! is the question do I dare put the glasses pics on facebook?? He! He!!

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