Thursday, October 23, 2008

okay ... here's a little thought ....

I was watching my favourite show last night ( or my "family" as Charlie calls them ...) John & Kate +8 and I had an epiphany ... well , maybe not an epiphany, but a real AHA moment. Kate said that they needed to try to parent more from love than from anger. Hmmm ... think about that. Instead of reacting to what annoys you, you should train yourself to react to what makes you happy, soothes you, pleases you, etc ... ( well that was my take on it anyway!) Now I am not trying to tell anyone how to parent since it isn't something I have ever taken on, nor have I wanted to. But I have been trying to be like this in my life without really having it put into words. Thank you, Kate !!
I have always complimented parents on well behaved children because I think that is so important. But lately I have been really living every day this way myself ... or at least trying. I savour the happy moments & the relationships that create them. I thank people for their kindness. I tell people that I love them. I send notes (emails...) to say how great something was. This isn't to be some freaky Emily Post - this is to relive the happiness & make sure others know what they do for me and what they mean to me. I want to leave this world with all those that I care about knowing that I care about them. No grey area. There is no better time than now to tell others that you care & to reflect on all the GOOD in your life. It seems to magnify it by , oh I don't know, at least a GAZILLION !!!
Now I'm also not saying that people & things don't PISS ME OFF but I am trying to not let that have the same importance as the people & things that make me blissfully happy - because why should they get as much airplay ??!!! Would you rather eat the food that you hate or the food that you love ?? Well, same thing ... spend the time on the happy bits and give the cold shoulder to the yucky bits.
Its all a work in progress but I can honestly say that my life is profoundly different now - and I thank Kate for putting into words why !


Anonymous said...

Well said, Pam! Too many times we hear people complaining about how shitty life is and I always think 'really?' I don't get life is good and thats because I choose to make it that way! I have bad days like everyone else but I only give myself that one day and then I move on and get right back to happiness! Thanks for sharing Pam...and Kate! ;o)
And thanks for being a part of my everyday happiness!!
Love, HB!

Happy Stamper said...

Ditto! HB said it JUST right!

... a few of my favourite things ...