Thursday, June 11, 2009 I am sooooooo tired.

Wow ... I am soooo tired. I am not complaining , just stating a FACT.
TIRED. VERY TIRED. Maybe even OVER TIRED. I think that I may be burning my candle at both ends but there may also be a torch under the middle ...
This week.. month ... season has been FRANTIC -BUSY-CAREENING THROUGH TIME-OUT OF CONTROL. I am sitting here at work in a wee quiet spell gasping for air. I cannot believe the way the days have filled themselves, overflowed into night, and marched on . We have been on the road every weekend to something or someplace and the weekdays have been crazy busy. This week saw over 3000 baby chicks and big ugly turkeys pass through our days as well as the multitude of phone calls to arrange pick up. That's in addition to reordering stock, waiting on customers, the usual. We have locked the doors every night this week at some point after 7 or 8pm and have unlocked them several mornings before 8am. Actually on election day we came to work before the polls opened, put our heads down, boxed chicks, carted, carried, lugged, sold, advised, and never got out until after the polls closed ... YIKES ! That meant we never had the chance to vote. Oh well ... nothing that we could have done about it that day. Sometimes work needs to be done and things fall in the cracks. Anyway, it has been a crazy "PEEPY" week and that is just the days. The nights have seen me at 11:30 making soup or oatmeal for the next few days lunches & breakfasts, doing laundry, gathering paperwork for the accountant, whatever needed to get done. Whatever didn't NEED to get done , didn't. Simple really. But I have discovered that it doesn't matter how many times you leave the house, no one comes in and washes those damn dishes - they are STILL in the sink. Poop !
So this weekend we have a tiller rented so that means we can finally plant the bags & bags of seeds I have gathered and the flats of transplants. There is ANOTHER drive to Halifax to pick up seeds & bags for the store. Maybe some dishes to wash ... or throw away ... Some mouldy bits in the fridge to dig out. Some cats to put big lovins on. A deck to be washed & cleaned up. Rhubarb to be harvested. Bead & Eat to get ready for. Lunch plans to feel out. And 3456 other great plans. It is going to be GREAT !!!
Deep breath ... bag of cherries ( cheeries !!) ... cup of tea ... here I go !

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