Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CAAAANAAAADAAAA , We love you ...

We live in a WONDERFUL country. I am super proud to be a Canadian. I'm not really proud of some of our politics or environmental moves in the last few years, but we can change that ! But as a physical country, an ideal, and a people, I think CANADA ROCKS !!!
Here is my list of great Canadians and Canadian icons.
1. Margaret Atwood *
2. Leonard Cohen (legend ...)*
3. David Suzuki*
4. Pierre Trudeau ( he LOVED our country)*
5. Tommy Douglas (Thank you Mr Douglas !)
6. Rick Hanson
7. Stompin' Tom*
8. Bob & Doug MacKenzie ( witness the birth of hoser culture ...)
9. Howie Mandel ( he makes me laugh !)
10. Margaret Laurence
11. Vince Coleman ( hero)
12. Nellie McClung (Thanks Nellie & friends for making me a person !)
13. Paul Martin ( a proud Canadian, he really tried)*
14. K.D. Lang (voice of an angel)
15. Cassie Campbell & the Canadian Women's Hockey Team ( they kicked ass !!)
16. Rick Mercer (Rant on !!)

17. Rene Levesque ( I know, he tried to break up the country ... BUT ... he had a fierce pride for his culture & his people, and I admire that. Just glad it ended up 49%-51% !!!)
18. The Friendly Giant ( not sure if the ACTOR was Canadian, but the GIANT & friends were ...)
19. Niagara Falls ( hmmm ... not a person ... but I LOVE it so much. I can see why you would be drawn to go over in a barrel...)*
20. Gordon Pinsent ( sigh, Gordon ...)*
21. Our beloved Queen ( not born here but a HUGE part of our country's identity !!)*
22. Mother Nature ( where would we be without her ?!!) *
And ... just to show you what a great country this is ... the names with the asterisks are people I have seen in person, met, talked to, or spent time with. How amazing is that ??? Only in Canada would our icons be so accessible to the public. LOVE IT !!!
Let me know who your favourites are !!

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Taryn said...

Great post, Pam! I would add Canadian Indie Rock musicians to the list. They work incredibly hard simply for the love of music. And success isn't the result of heavy marketing but true talent.

... a few of my favourite things ...