Monday, June 8, 2009

WOW !!! Where is the time going ???

Oh my ! I can't believe it is June ... and the second week at that !! Life has been FULL and BUSY ! Our days at work have been full tilt and then there are so many things to do at home ... yard, garden, dreaming, planning, ... Phew ! The time has roared past.
Our weekends (well ... 1.5 days they are actually !) have been devoured by the hunt for tillers, plants, herbs, doors, ... all great things for the house. And then the days have been so nice that we have NEEDED to drive to Port Williams or Smith's Cove or anywhere in between. And meandered back. We have cleaned out the upstairs of the store - who knew there was all that room ?? - and filled a dumpster. We have tilled & planted and nurtured. We have FINISHED our books for 2008. (WAHOO!!!) . We have "chicken-winged" with friends. We have BBQed at home and eaten at some great little spots. We have read & lived in books. We have NOT cleaned the house but who cares ?
I am soooo glad I have finished my books ... that means that the table that has seemed to have been chiding me is now going to become an art table and will be INVITING me !!! I can't wait to plop myself down... unlike the last few weeks when I averted my eyes when I went past it... trying not to see a year's worth of receipts, cash slips, and the grouchy ledger badgering me to sit & work. FREEDOM !!!!
I have so many art projects to do ... not sure how to calm down, focus, and choose any ONE to start. And renovation projects. And books to read. A greenhouse to build. Throw in 2500 chicks ... and a few hundred turkeys ... A beach party to plan. An anniversary to celebrate. Lunches with friends. Father's Day. Add to that all the veggie & herb transplants I bought (yikes !!), the seeds, and the secret plans I have ... oh my ... I think I may have to give up something ... So long ... work !!! (heehee !!) Just kidding, I actually enjoy that too ! And there I have orders to place, samples to make, classes to dream up, stock to get out, rooms to clean up ... PHEW !! I am lovin' this crazy ride with no rest stops !!! ROCKIN !!! ... here I go !!

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