Saturday, June 20, 2009

Security Worries ...

I was a little worried about security ... so I added a lock. But here's the secret ... just for my friends ... I hid the key just up above the roof so you can come in any time !
A quick check of the garden last night had me TRA-LA-LAing with glee !! I had little rows of beets, radishes, peanuts, turnips, squash, broad beans, spinach ... all pushing their way up through the cracks they had made. So exciting !! Today they should have a good drink courtesy of Mother Nature . Hooray !
That is the movie we watched last night. It stars Joshua Jackson and it is wonderfully proudly Canadian. It is a gentle thought provoking movie. I would give it a 10 out of 10. I LOVED IT !!! Loved the story, loved the character, loved the soundtrack, loved the adventure, loved Canada as he travelled through it. It was soooooo good. In case you haven't guessed yet, I would suggest you rent it !
Well, next week is a big "RENO" week here at the store. I have a whole boat load of new scrapbooking stuff and I need to make room. But even more I need an organized & harmonious space back there. So I am redoing that area of the store so that things will flow better. My hope is to have a little area to feature an ever changing project with all the necessary supplies. And to arrange things so that they are a feast for the creative eye. A fun challenge ! My brain is spinning as I type ...
Have a great weekend !!

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Merrilee said...

I'll have to come in and check it out. LOL

... a few of my favourite things ...