Monday, June 1, 2009

"Some kind of wonderful " ... and an add-on confession ...

It was a WONDERFUL weekend. We zipped off to Halifax on Saturday after work. We picked up our seed order for the store ... and some plants for our garden ... and then off to look at aisles of stamps, papers, ...yum! A few more stops, a few bags of FAB books, dinner at "OPA!", and then home we came - tired but happy and laden with treasure !
The next day was sunny and gorgeous. GARDEN DAY !!! We set off in search of plants - a difficult task believe it or not ! Most places now seem to only carry cosmetic garden plants with the odd tomato or pepper. Our voyage included a visit with Deedee and a side visit to the Tourist Bureau ( Deedee & I were "Meals on Wheels" !!) , lovely omelet lunch at the diner, and then more stops for plants. Our last stop was in Wolfville. So we meandered out to Port Williams, on to Fox Hill Cheese for yummy gelato and squeaky cheese curds, then the back roads home.
Our next task was to plant the garden. I have to say I am a bit worried about this veggie gardening thing ... it is rapidly becoming an OBSESSION !!! I ask tons of questions to all the old gardeners I see at the store, I read anything I can, I source plants & seeds constantly ... I sneak out just to LOOK at it ... YIKES!!! But here's a quick list of what we planted yesterday :
tiny tomatoes, big tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, green & yellow peppers, red & green cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, PEANUTS, lots of eggplant, baby white bush squash (eat'em whole !!), 3 kinds of pumpkins, bay leaves, Italian parsley, tarragon, celery, chinese cabbage, basil, and ... oh, about 120 leeks !! This week we will till up more land (we've already used up what we thought we would need ...) and continue planting !!! This garden stuff rocks !!
I made a big pot of Deedee's sisters awesome , fire breathing sausage tortellini soup for supper at about 8:30 and then a very tired me was in bed 2 hours later ... I never go to bed that early. May be the farmer coming out in me ...
Have a great day ... and GO PLANT SOMETHING !!!

Here's a little more "wonderful"... a local antique dealer and far-ish neighbour arrived today with a little envelope of old photos for me. Just thought I could use them. How freakin' wonderful is that ?!!
And now ... a CONFESSION.
okay, in my defence, it was fresh from the bakery, and sweet, and white, and oh my. I had my 15000 grain bread laying there, from oh, several days ago, and I was making Charlie's sandwiches... and ... I don't know what came over me ... well, yes, I do. It was BREAD ENVY. I had it and I had it bad. But I only ate one slice - I skipped the top on my sandwich. AND HALLELUJAH - IT WAS DELICIOUS !!! ( sorry all you whole grainers ...)

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Good luck with your veggie garden Pam!

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