Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ramblings of a Bead Addled Mind ...

I hate little silver beads.
No ! Not really ! But I see them in my sleep !! I said I had 21000 to weigh, bag, and price. I SAID that. I didn't COMPREHEND that ! Holy shit !! That is A LOT OF WEIGHING, BAGGING, PRICING !!!! I have been at it for DAYS and I am down to 2 multipack bags left. I can see the end ........... tomorrow.
For all those of you who are asking ... okay none of you are ... my garden is FAB !!! I was out at 11pm watering it last night. I was worried about it. We planted out all the transplants and then it BLEW A MIGHTY WIND for 2 days. Actually blew my Italian parsley OUT OF THE GROUND !! My basil tag was off in the grass and my Yellow Boy tomatoes blew over and broke. So when I got home from my little 8 year old buddy's birthday I had to go out and repair and give off good vibes to my lovely little plants !
And the birthday ... I love that it gives us a once a year occasion to belt the heck out of each other with Nerf weapons of every size. Its not every day that you hear an 8 year old yell "Hold still or I'll kill you !" ( I realize that you probably aren't supposed to encourage that kind of thing but it was part of the moment !) He had a little Nerfy zinger kind of gun that shot foam discs that looked like bunion cushions. I said that, so the call all night from him was "I NEED MORE BUNIONS !!!".
We gave him Bagkumon (??) . It is some weird Japanese card/creature game. I thought he said he wanted "Vacuum-Gone" . NO!!! He suggested I write it down. Does that mean you are getting old when a child doesn't trust your memory or ability to shop ???? Anyway, we got the right things and all was well . And he had such faith that we would get it. He told his Mom she didn't have to get it for him because we would. Like I said FAITH. Thank goodness we did buy it !
Anyway, I am happily munching on some lovely homemade oatmeal piled with big fat yummy blueberries. Delish. then I will sip my tea and then start attacking those crazy beads again. Then I have another box to unpack ( this one has some variety, hooray !!) , then fill the seed bead rack ( near empty), and then balance 6 months of books from last year. Pretty easy day I would say !!
Have a great one .... buy yourself a Nerf toy.

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