Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Productive Weekend ... and where else can we drive ?

Wow ... we have become big ol' slackers since we bought Hester the Hearse. All we want to do is drive around. We have been to New Minas 3 times in one week. Our cats probably think we have moved away ...
But anyway, this weekend we combined driving and GETTING STUFF DONE. HOORAY !!
Saturday night we went to the Middleton Birthday Bash. Sat in the beer tent with friends, were told the choices ....BEER or WATER ... such a huge-vast-enormous array that I really couldn't narrow it down. So I opted for none of the above. We wandered out to hear Minglewood. After the first song started I remembered that I really didn't like Minglewood. At all. So then we wandered off again ... aimless people we were. We visited with friends who had a booth there. I wondered how we would kill off the next hour and fifteen minutes until the fireworks. Their 7 year old son looked at me and said "I'm bored." I looked back and said "Me too !" So we came up with a plan ... involved a quest for a glow stick and a Frisbee. So we happily played frisbee in the dark for the next hour+. A lovely way to pass time. Then we practiced our OOOHS and AAAHHHS for the fireworks and we were all set ! The fireworks were BEAUTIFUL !! We watched a woman pee in a non existent bush beside our car and then we headed home...
The next day we headed off for building supplies and then , on a most glorious day, Charlie & I put in a new door and a BIG front window in our house. We visited with Deedee & Stephen who stopped by. I also weeded the garden, replanted a few things, harvested some rapini and radishes. Deedee picked rhubarb from the "Eternal Rhubarb Patch". It was a lovely day and oh so productive ! Gotta love those kind of days ! ( oh .. yeah, I also broke the washer but that only took me a few minutes ...)
So I am hoping today will be just as productive ... I have 5 boxes of stuff to unpack and put out. And I HAVE to look at each item, imagine what I would do with it, get totally distracted, and then pull myself back . Takes a long time you know !
Have a great one !!!!

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