Thursday, July 16, 2009


I know ... you're saying "So what ?". But I never drive. When I do , Charlie marks a car on the calendar and we often go an entire calendar with no cars. And on the rare once per 2 years, it would be only from the outskirts of town to maybe my parent's place in Wilmot Station. Three minutes, tops. Well, for me to drive two days in a row and THROUGH TOWN is .... well... almost unbelievable.
I CAN drive ... and I am a good driver. I just HATE IT. I drove to Annapolis and back everyday for 10 years so I was a constant driver. But not now. I would happily drive if I was the only one on the road. But it is all those other drivers I don't trust. As a little boy, my brother was hit as a pedestrian and we were hit in a car by a drunk driver so I have no faith in those other vehicles. And I absolutely cannot see after dark. So it would only be a daylight past time ...
BUT, when we bought Hester the Hearse, I realized that SOMEONE would have to drive our Polly Purple the Cruiser back to the store. YIKES. I knew that someone would be me. ( Because I sure couldn't drive that HUGE hearse). So I did. After the first little bit I realized I was holding my breath ... not great when driving. So I decided to try breathing and it went better.
And then the next day I drove to my parents ... AND BACK. A very close friend of theirs had been killed and I couldn't bear to tell them by phone. That was so hard - to tell such terrible news and know how devastating it would be to hear. Terrible. A sad day.
Today I ... HEY ! I DID drive today too - I drove Hester around the parking lot. Gosh .. I'm a regular transit worker these days. This driving foolishness has got to stop !!!
Well, I have 6 large boxes of beads & paper staring at me so I must get to work. Happy trails !!

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