Thursday, July 23, 2009


I seem to have lots of energy these days ... and get so much done after work. I BBQ, wash dishes, garden, do laundry, work on various things, bake up a storm, read , whatever. I have been wondering where it is coming from ... longer daylight hours ...... better eating ...... losing weight ..... hmmmmm . But I think it is coming from bad television.
You see, I love TV . Plain and simple. Crime shows and cooking shows. If there is a dead body or a saute pan, I'm there. ( not together though, ewww) CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds, the Food Network ... all good. But now, it's all reruns. And THAT ROCKS !!! I have all this free time and it is great !
I usually work and putter until about 9:30 at night and then I watch Jeopardy. Then I read ... and I have gone through a pile of excellent books this summer, not just my usual winter magazine flipping. And then I may decide to bake or just keep reading until I go to bed at about midnight. We do watch TV . Don't get me wrong. I am not one of those people who say "Oh, I NEVER watch TV." (But they usually know what everyone is talking about when discussing a recent show ...) No, we watch it. But just a glance up every now and again. Or the news. Or maybe we watch something totally different ... we've been watching an interesting food documentary. That would never have won out against a crime show in the fall season !!
So I am singing the praise of THERE'S NOTHING ON !! It's a whole new productive slant on things. Lovin' it !!

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