Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have a friend Alana. We have been friends for ... gosh ... more than 20 years. We worked together way back in 1986 I think. That was one of the most fun summers at work that I ever had ! Anyway, we became great friends. But then a few years later , life took us in different directions and she eventually moved out west. We lost touch with each other. Then, a few years ago, out of the blue, an email wondering if the people she googled were indeed us !! I was thrilled ! I called her and we arranged to visit on an upcoming visit. Every summer since we have had a visit - I lookPhotobucket forward to it every year !!
Our visits are always pretty much the same - we quickly catch up on any of the big things and then just settle into a normal visit. ( And now we have the added bonus of a visit with Doug !) Laughing, talking, enjoying our friendship. We rarely even reminisce... it's like our friendship doesn't need to be built on a constant parading of memories. It is a living growing thing that just continues to hum along. We just ARE.
I have to say that my heart sings each year when I see her. I am delighted to see her and thrilled to see how happy she is. And I love this constant strong thread that is woven through my life. This friendship that lives, breathes, and grows but demands nothing. I am grateful.
*** This is a little commentary on our social adventure - or lack of - last Saturday. We got together to see the Hupman Brothers ( Alana's cousins !) at Upper Clements.( and have a little bumper car action ...)
The band was great, the evening was one of the most beautiful all summer, the company outstanding. After the concert & fireworks, Doug suggested we go have a coffee in Annapolis ... this at 10:30. We all laughed but then remembered the Pub. Great idea !! We all met there to find it closing. Closes at 11pm ... ON A SATURDAY !!! So we chased an albino raccoon that was scurrying along the street ...
does that give you any idea of now quiet the town must have been ???? So we then decide to go on to Bridgetown to Tim Horton's. We meet there to find it closed as well ! But I had a back up plan. The End of the Line would be open. Great ! Off we go again in our little parade of vehicles. The parking lot is completely dark and the building is locked up. Closed. By this time it is about 11:30 and we wave the white flag. A little chat in the parking lot, hugs, and we all go off our own ways. Is there a curfew that I am not aware of ???? 11pm ... sheesh !

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Room 14 said...

Awww thanks Pam! We certainly had a great time, too. Seeing you and Charlie is a big part of my trip home very year, that is for sure! Doug has been telling everyone about you and Charlie and our evening out and our quest for an open venue! Where did he think he was, anyway? The big city?

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