Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here's a quickie for you ...

... a quick update that is !!
It has been a crazy busy time.
Sunday we had lunch with our niece Kari & her boyfriend Brent. We went to Wolfville and had a leisurely 3 hour lunch ... gotta love that !! It was great to catch up on all she is doing. Gosh, we love that girl !! She is spectacular !
Then we shopped a bit for things like a vacuum ( in a FAB lime green I might add !!) and stopped off for a quick badminton match with our young friends Jason & Brandon. All caught up on the birthday news & wish lists, we wandered home to catch up there on less exciting things ( ... laundry, dishes, ...) !!
Then I pulled double duty on Monday & Tuesday. I was "Seed Woman" at the feed store. My family had gone to Alberta for my Gramma's memorial service so I filled in out back. Because of the stores, not all of us could go & since I am trying to be in denial about the whole thing, I was happy to stay here. Attending a funeral would not work with my delusional approach. Anyway, that spilled into a busy Wednesday - I scooped more seeds- and that leaves me here with a ton of beads to bottle up and a box of over 21000 pieces to be sorted, bagged, weighed, and put out. Hmmm ... that shouldn't take long ....
But the BEST news is that we rototilled up our land for our GARDEN last night.Charlie did the tilling & I raked. I am sooo freakin' excited !!! ( And I got to wear my wonderful boots ...!!!). We started in one spot & after Charlie sunk to the top of his very tall boots, we had a change of thought !! So now we have a super wet patch for pumpkins, an amazing loamy spot for our wonderful veggies, and a big semi wet spot for an onion field ... ( can't let those sprouting onion sets at the store go to waste !). I AM A PIONEER !!!
So today will be a major bagging & counting day, tonight out for wings with friends, then home to work on the books for last year. Then Saturday is a trip to Halifax for seeds for the store which will bloom into a full out shopping afternoon and Sunday is PLANTING DAY !!! WAHOO!!! Then into June with some special birthdays and more fun stuff !!
Have a super week !!!!

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