Friday, May 15, 2009

listen ... do you hear that ?

If you hear just S-I-L-E-N-C-E, you are correct !!! Yes, blissful non squirrel silence !!! No chewing, no scratching, no chattering, no scurrying.... SILENCE.
I have not seen any little brown flashes from the corner of my eye; I have not heard any rustling. I am "sans squirrels". WAHOO!!!!
Today is going to be a sweet day ... it is on the countdown to a long weekend, there seem to be no squirrels inside with me, I have a great big box of FAB scrapbook supplies to unpack, and this afternoon FedEx is bringing me a carton of lampwork beauty that will thrill me to the core !!! It will be a great day !! I am always happy and grateful that I sell what I do. Delivery day is like a great childhood Christmas - every item brings ooos and aaas, I am delighted with each thing pulled out. I would hate to work at a nuts and bolt store - "Look Marge - a new order. Can't wait to see what these bolts look like ..."
Anyway... hope your day is as great as mine is going to be !!! Live it and love it !!!

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