Thursday, May 14, 2009


Okay ... I am at 4 squirrels so far . Is that more than the daily quota of most people ?? I have to say that they become less cute very time I see one in here.
I caught #3 last night. According the Charlie "Three is a NORMAL litter so that's the last". NORMAL ?? NORMAL ??? I asked him what he thought was NORMAL about squirrels plopping out of the heat ducts ??? Anyway, #3 (the NORMAL last squirrel) was in the cage and I triumphantly carried it outside, smug in my victory. Can you imagine my face when I opened the door and ANOTHER one ran by me ??
I was close to curling up into the fetal position, crying and sucking my thumb.

SO I marched - scowling- back out to get the trap yet again.But #4 was a bit smarter and was still on the lam when we came in this morning.
It was quite a morning with the last crazy little bugger ... customers trying to throw their coats over him, Dad wailing at his hiding places with a 2x4, me kicking the hell out of the shelves & counters trying to scare him into the trap, Nellie cat lurking around licking her lips ...oh ... I was so glad when I was finally able to chase him into the (live) trap and hear that "SNAP" . He was trapped !!! I carried him outside so he could be loaded into the car and relocated. But ... Charlie was busy so he fed him dried mango to keep him happy while he waited for the voyage ??! Is that wise ? Should we make him think it would be worth the trek back ??? Anyway ... hopefully OUR normal is 4 ... and that is the last INTERIOR SQUIRREL I will see in a long time !!

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