Saturday, May 16, 2009

A sad day at Classic Hobbies

Well, I was pumped for yesterday. I was sure that it was going to be a great day. And it was. I had tons of great customers in, met some new ones, unpacked some fabulous beads, put out great scrapping stuff. It was a sweet day. But then at 5 o'clock, as I was closing up, things changed drastically. Boo had some big health difficulties which led to quick calls to the vet and then a fast trip over to meet her. The end that we had known was coming had arrived. And although we were expecting it, it was no less difficult. At about 6pm, Boo peacefully passed away.
He had become very difficult to look after, with some terrible new habits, but he had been such a great cat that we really owed it to him to do what we could as long as we could. As we buried him, all I could remember was the great big handsome sparkling white cat that everyone loved so much. His favourite thing to do was sleep on the counter in a box wrapped in Christmas paper. The funniest part of that was that his warm breath would cause the dye to run and he would wake with a green smudge on his head. He learned to shake a paw for treats and was always wandering the store, offering his paw to customers for treats. He has been a great CEC (Chief Executive Cat) at Classic Hobbies and he had many fans. He received gifts, Christmas cards, emails, visits, treats, lots of pats, and even pieces of chicken !
While we are very sad we are also very grateful. Grateful to the good Doctor Sara Bates. She was so gentle and showed him such kindness and compassion. She made a difficult thing so much easier. She is an awesome vet and a superb person. Thank you Sara !
We are grateful that this happened at 5 and not 20 minutes later. We were with him and able to help him. Otherwise he would have been alone.
We are grateful to all the kindness people have shown Boo over the years. He was truly loved.
We are grateful to Natalie Wheaton who took such wonderful pictures of him years ago. Great memories.
And mostly, we are grateful to Mr. Boo Radley for choosing us as his family. He was a great ambassador and friend. He was loved and will be missed.


Natalie said...

I am so sorry to here about the passing of Boo, I always looked forward to seeing him on my visits. It will not be the same. He was truly one of a kind.

Amy said...

Oh, Pam...I am so sorry to hear that Boo is gone. He will be missed by so many people. I'm thinking about you...and sending you lots of hugs.

Amber said...

Oh Pam, that must have been so hard for you guys. Hugs,

Jill said...

Hi Pam,
So sorry to hear about the passing of your dear pet, Boo. I always enjoyed seeing him when I visited the store.


Just Plain Happy said...

Pam & Charlie,

I know how much Boo meant to you both. Boo's presence in your lives and the lives of your customers' was truly a gift. He will be sadly missed.

Merrilee said...

Pam, I'm so sorry. I always looked forward to seeing him in the store.

Bonnie said...

Oh, this is sad news! I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I am going to miss him when I visit the store. His photos and memories will always be with you.

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