Friday, May 8, 2009

Antsy ... What to do first ???

I am at an antsy spot - I want to do so many things & I feel my old kick coming back... but where to start ?
So here is my plan ... I am going to run off & join a travelling REPTILE FREE circus for just a week - that's enough I think. ( I do realize that I have real life to live too !) And I will live on popcorn & cotton candy, listening to that plink plink music, take water to the elephants, comb the big cats, scratch the dancing poodles under the chin, shovel monkey poop, tell the fat lady that she is just big boned, and make friends with the lion tamer - not the guy that bites the heads off chickens though - ick , he's on his own. After that I will come back more focused.
Sounds like a great plan - anyone want to come ?

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