Thursday, August 7, 2008


Little orange kitty came back yesterday - still very hungry. We fed him & he spent his day eating and sleeping. We decided that we really needed to do something . He obviously was not being cared for - even if he did belong somewhere, which we doubted. We had called CAPS but there is a protocol that involves calling the Animal Control Officer and then a stay at the pound until there is space. That made us pretty sad ... But in the long run , he would be better off. BUT ... here is where fate stepped in !! One of Charlie's customers lost her big ORANGE cat a few weeks ago after a long happy life. She missed him terribly. She came in to the store. Hmmm... a caring person who needed to fill a hole in her heart and a little orange cat who desperately needed someone to love him & care for him ... IT WAS A MATCH !!! Little Mr Orange left with the lovely lady !!!! WAHOO !!! We were so happy for them both !! The lady kept saying it was "serendipity" and I think she's right !! HOORAY for serendipity !!!
It looks to be a beautiful day today ... it may be hot though - there was lots of fairy laundry this morning ! It's always right !!
Have a great one !!


Happy Stamper said...

I LOVE happy endings AND I knew (as I ALWAYS do) that Orange Kitty entered your life for a reason...he would be taken care of in the best possible way.
Happy Day to you!

Anonymous said...

Yay for serendipity, indeed! I LOVE that story...thanks for sharing! :o) Have a wonderful day...101 is just around the corner!

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