Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Minutes of the Meeting of the Mermaid Club ...

I'd like to call this meeting to order ...
Here are the topics on the agenda today :
1. Mermaid Voyage 102 : The trip was a huge success. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be words in the English language to fully describe the absolute joy, friendship, and happiness that filled the trip.
Maybe in mermaid song ...
2. Mermaid Hattie Bit : She was under the weather and I'm sure we all hope she is feeling much better. ( And no, I didn't make a pan of brownies, eat them all, laugh so hard ...) Get your SPARKLE back Miss Bit !!
3. The Bad Girls Cocktail Party
The Bad Girls Cocktail Party will have to be the next project we undertake ... since we have
the "leftovers" from the trip and the TATTOOS !!!
4. Mermaids Gone Bad Rockin' Band !!
What can we discuss? We are FABULOUS !!!
Album Cover : check
Video : check
Instruments : check
Costumes : check
Fans : you know it !!
5. Feel Good Bus
I will start to buy the required lottery tickets for the financing ...



Happy Stamper said...

There REALLY aren't words to describe it! Wow! Amazing! So MUCH FUN! and I like to think we shared the fun with others.

I like the sounds of the Cocktail Party because we are such Drinkers, we'll try not to pitch liquor bottles at other people this time though!
Happy to be a Mermaid!

Anonymous said...

Well, where can I start, another amazing journey with totally fun times and lots of laughter. Myleta you are a very good driver, probably because of your long arms. Pam you make the back seat alot of fun, and feeling under the sea hattie bit you were as sweet as ever even though you wernt up to par. Love you all

Anonymous said...

I love the minutes...too much fun!! I can't wait to see the video on the big screen...maybe we should wait to premier it on the night of our cocktail party!?
Have a great week!
Hattie Bit

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