Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Weekend !! And on to a Great Week !!!

Well it was a wonderful weekend !! All that a weekend could be !
We spent some time with my family - that was nice.
We went to a wonderful cornboil - lots of food, drinks, laughter, and just plain general HAPPINESS !!! I LOVE happy people !! The "secret project" was unveiled and made for a happy spoon-playing mermaid !! The food was delicious - loved the anti-oxidant filled desserts - yummo !! And the classic musical stylings of DJ Fresh Marty were awesome !! Marty - you rock !! I wish I had a recording of the fabulous spoon music and the use of all the fancy "moves"- DELIGHTFUL Spoonster !!! Thank you so much Skully !!!
Sunday was another great day ... Charlie & I went to Hall's Harbour & had a beautiful lunch and enjoyed the lovely day. I am amazed at the vision that someone had to create such a place there. Lovely !!
Then we followed the pink signs to Marg's Glad Garden in Grafton ... I started to cry when we found it. It is a garden of thousands of glads that a man planted for his wife who died of cancer. The garden is open all August and you receive a bouquet in exchange for a donation. We made a donation but didn't take the flowers - they are beautiful but sadly our little cats love to EAT flowers !! There are lovely purples, mauves, pinks, yellows ... all beautiful colours. And he raises money for the Patient Navigator Services for cancer patients. What a beautiful tribute to his wife and a productive way to deal with grief. Mr Salsman you are amazing !!
So now I am at Monday - ready to start a new FRESH week !! Exciting !! Tonight is the parade in Lawrencetown, probably a candy apple, and a stroll through the Ex grounds. Then tomorrow ... ROADTRIP 101 !! Wahoo !!!!
I'm off to count beads ... have a wonderful day !!


Happy Stamper said...

My week is off to a great start just by READING this blog! I had a great time Saturday night as well..and our mermaid did not disappoint with the unveling! I have heard of the Glad Gardens and will definitely make a trip...this story exemplifies the term 'taking something bad and turning it into something good'. Hats Off!
This little quote comes to mind "It is the hour of trial that makes men and women great, not the hour of triumph."

Spoonster said...

I only have one thing to add here, and that is I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have you two for friends. Isn't it funny how people come into your lives for a reason. You guys are definetly in my life for a good reason. Love till next gig, Spoonster!

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