Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 2 .. still blogging !!

Hello !
Well this is my second attempt today ... lost half of the first post !! And no pictures yet because I didn't learn the camera stuff yesterday ... I was busy being ... UP TO MY ASS IN LIFE !!!
I spent last evening with my friend Skully ( are you thinking who would name their child Skully ?? or maybe you know that's not her REAL name !!) and we worked on some multi media art. It was awesome !! She did some spoons with alcohol inks - they looked great ! We printed on fabric & then embellished. SO FUN !! My project was a mermaid - I stitched tiny sequins & beads to her tail to create scales and then added a pearl necklace, bubbles, fuzzy seaweed, pearls at her feet ... I was quite pleased with the finished project . I will get a photo soon !! It was really fun to take up a needle again and JUST GO !! No pattern, no supplies lists to dictate what to do or use ... JUST GO !! Fabulous ... and wonderful for the creative soul !!
I have to give props to Skully because she claims I executed her vision perfectly ...
We ate HUNKEY DOREY while we created ... I bought it because there was no Poppycock ... not the same ... good though. But the funny thing is it renders you unable to say "HUNKEY DOREY" when you have it in your mouth. It may even render you speechless if you have a big enough piece. So if you have an overly chatty friend - serve up the Hunkey Dorey !!
Today is a day of expansion - no, not a trip to the buffet !! Here at the store ( I have a beadstore with a side order of scrapbooking treats...) I am needing more space. So wonderful Chuckles LeBrun built me another table & put up another sheet of pegboard. Today I am painting and sanding. Then I will be bagging THOUSANDS of beads !! Not kidding !! And Fedex is due to arrive this aft with more . YIKES !!!
Tonight I will be going to see an old friend. We have been friends for 20+ years but she lives in Edmonton so I only see her once a year. But it seems like it was just last week. It is a wonderful friendship - one that doesn't need to be worked at ... we never email like we say or think we will ... but it doesn't matter !! I am just delighted to have my annual visit and have her as a part of my life !! And this time I get to meet her sweetie so I am excited about that too !!
Must scoot - beads are calling me "Bag me ! Bag me !"

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Happy Stamper said...

Ahhh Life! This is it...the GOOD life..as I sit here drinking my AM coffee and reading your blog, I am reminded of what fun we ALWAYS have together. It will be the same, when we share that nursing home, seated next to each other in our rocking chairs..no we won't be munching Hunkey Dorey...no teeth, but sucking on animal crackers and cutting paper with those blunt scissors and laughing our ***** off about some silly thing and no, not reminiscing about 'the good ole days' because we will still be living life to the fullest!
So happy to hear you have hit the Blog Roll!
Love Skully

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