Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Annual Visit

Last night Charlie & I drove to Mochelle for our "Annual Visit" with our friend Alana from Edmonton. It was wonderful to see her - she never changes !! And we met her boyfriend for the first time. Doug is a great guy- interesting & a lot of fun! I am so happy for her. And another side benefit is a visit with her mom Janet & a chance to see her beautiful gardens and lovely dog Barkley. Alana reminds me of a favourite sweater - always fits, always warm & comforting ! See you next year Alana Banana !!

Today is going to be a crazy bead unpacking day - Mr Fedex showed up with 2 massive cartons of beads - can't even lift them !! But it is like unpacking a fabulous TREASURE CHEST !!

We had a little visitor at the store yesterday. Charlie threw out some old cinnamon buns for the birds. A little orange animal came out of the woods & started chowing down on the buns. It looked like a fox but we realized it was a cat. The poor little guy cried & cried. He was really friendly, rubbing on my legs. Charlie brought him out food & he ate about 2 cups of wet then went in and ate dry. He was STARVING !! He was just all bones and only weighed 5 lbs. So we fed him, made him a little bed under the building and will decide what to do if he is till around today. Poor little thing ...
So ... must start "The Unpacking" ... have a colourful day !!


Happy Stamper said...

It is great to have friend like happy you got to have a nice visit with her and to meet Doug. Cats have great instincts, don't they? They know who will love them and feed them....who to trust. I can't wait to see all of the beads you are so GOOD to unpack! I have a new interest in bead now....can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi you!
I finally remembered where I left the addess for your blog, and boy am I glad I found it! I have really enjoyed reading it. I loved our yearly visit, too, and if I never change, neither do you and Charlie! You are the most interesting, entertaining couple I have ever met. Your joy in life inspires me to get out there and have fun doing whatever makes me happy!
Love you both

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