Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Isn't it said that if you say something often enough and to enough people , it eventually comes to be ? Wellllllll ....... if that's the case .... WE ARE A BAND !!! Skully, Sponster, Feemie, and myself have just come back from Travel 101 where we shamelessly promoted our band. We told everyone we met that we were a band and even invited a guest performer ( man, could that chick GONG !!!) . We even bought NEW INSTRUMENTS !!! Anyway, if you tell enough people something , it does become a comfortable real thing !! We "practiced" all the way home !! Now, let me explain "practiced"... We put CCR in the Cd player, turned it up & we ALL (driver included - but she was safely driving too !!) played and sang to the loudest level we could. At one point Spoonster even commented that it seemed NORMAL now. She was right !!! Witness the birth of The Bad Girl Band !!
Aside from all the fabulous musicality , the day was awesome !! We tried on more hats than I ever could have imagined, ate yummy food, sang, LAUGHED, acquired some cool stuff, saw beautiful things, enjoyed scenery, open-mouth-ate POPROCKS, and discovered a multitude of mermaids. Such a happy day !! And plans are underway for next week's OVERNIGHTER Travel 102. A cottage is definitely in order so we can play our FAB MUSIC !!!
I can't imagine 3 people that I could have more fun with. I love my bandmates !!!
In honour of the amazing roadtrip, I have a NEW top ten list already this week !!!

UPDATE : Little orange guy is actually "Chewie" the little ADORED orange GIRL !! She has finally got past the eating & sleeping phase and , fully fueled, is beginning to play. Once again, HOORAY for serendipity !!


Happy Stamper said...

Ahh...yesterday a a member of one of Canada's COOLEST Bands! I bask in my fame!
I always knew I could be a BAD GIRL...just never knew I could play in a BAND! I can now cross 'join a band' off my bucket list. I too cannot imagine finding anyone that could play, laugh,eat, laugh and pop 'poprocks' like these BAD GIRLS did...I am counting sleeps til we TOUR, I mean Travel again! Rock On Bad Girls!

Anonymous said...

We did have such a great looking forward to 102, just think how much better we will after 2 days of practicing in the car AND how more well known we will much promoting to do! lol!
See you soon...
Feemie! Love it btw! lol!

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