Saturday, August 16, 2008

"You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith ... Baby"

Last night we went to the EX and met up with one of my favourite people, 7 year old Brandon. His goal is usually to make me laugh & just have fun - what more could you want in a friend ??
So we were off to explore the Ex. We watched the baby chicks, patted the calf, scratched the goats, and took it all in. Then I saw it ... (insert swelling music here)... a big tall black hat with little silver horns & a silver skull !! I said "I have to have that for Skully !!" He asked who Skully was & I told him that we were in a band together.
Brandon : "You're in a band ?"
Me : "Yes."
Brandon : "okay."
See ... absolute acceptance !
So he is in for the hat mission. We search the grounds & I finally find the hat. But you have to WIN it ! I quickly do the math - at $275 it isn't quite as appealing. So we decide we need something else. By now he knows that Skully is the lady who sat on her fries & he KNOWS her !! So he is determined to find the perfect thing. We go to the drug paraphernalia booth & he spots it !! Perfect !! (I can't say what it is because Skully might be reading & it would spoil the surprise !!) Then I hear a little voice asking a question ...
Brandon : "What's your song ?"
Me : "Pardon ?"
Brandon : "What's your song - in your band ?"
Me : (think fast ...) "Well we have lots of songs & we use CDs for music too"
Brandon : "Okay"
See... there it is again ... absolute acceptance !!
Later in the night he & Charlie disappear. They come back with a giggly manner ... more questions...
Brandon :"Pam, does your band play at night ?"
Me : " Yes, I think we will ."
Brandon : "We bought you something to wear in your band. It was my idea."
And there in his hand is a FABULOUS pair of pink furry bunny ears that LIGHT UP !!! That little guy SOOOO gets the band !!!
I want him as our manager .

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Happy Stamper said...

I want Brandon to be our manager too!

I can't wait until tomorrow! I can't wait until tomorrow!

Whahh?? Am I on to a song here??? Maybe I am a song writer???

... a few of my favourite things ...