Friday, August 15, 2008

My Philosophy

I have a philosophy about "things" ... have for many years .... I am not one of those people who could live without possessions . I LOVE STUFF !! I believe though that the things you use everyday should be beautiful, inspirational, or make you giggle. From your toothbrush to your cutting board to your pens to your egg flipper. They should inspire a feeling of happiness. This philosophy explains why I use a "SPLAT" calculator ( which I have to admit, isn't that easy to use) , why my cutting boards are colourful or little eggmen, and why my pencil sharpener was a chubby man's bare bum ... So ... here is my new filing cabinet ! I LOVE IT !!! Filing our bills & receipts will even be fun !!

Update for TRAVEL 102 ... bought my "sharing candy" , working on my "band clothing", and 3 more sleeps !!!

P.S. Now I can BEND WORDS around pictures !!! WAHOO!!!!!

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Happy Stamper said...

Bend away!! I like your philosophy and am glad it works for you. I tend to be more conventional with my practical purchases...I think that is why I am having a wee bit of trouble rushing out to purchase a multi colored moo moo. I know I will probably get lots of use from it especially if I continue to eat deep fried meals with our Bad Girls Band! However, tomorrow I will work on my Raod Candy...the moo moo will work itself out I am sure!

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