Friday, August 29, 2008

Ohhh ... the difference a 2 minute call makes !

Yesterday I was toodling along, secure in the knowledge that everything was planned for our vacation . No problem. Then I answered the phone ........ Now this isn't a bad thing but there is no clear response & potentially TONS of phone calls and rearranging .......... The phone call was from the new salesman I recently met from my biggest bead supplier. There is a BIG jewelry fashion show from Czechslovakia (spelling - I know !!) the week AFTER we are in Toronto. I was aware of this - it was just a bit of not-so-great luck and I-wasn't-trying-to-plan-the-timing-well.. Oh well . C'est la vie. Anyway, Erwin called to see if I was coming. No, I explained, I was going to be in Toronto the week before. His response was "How can I keep you here for it ? " Well, I love Toronto but 5 more days by myself would be a bit much. I know I have commented on how funny I find myself & how entertaining I am ....(heehee) but I think I would run out of things to talk to myself about after a while . Or worse, come up with a WHOLE LOT MORE to talk to myself about !!! So it seemed like a simple response. Then he offered ENTICEMENTS !!! They are quite good - okay REALLY good. So now ...hmmm... what to do ? Rearrange our vacation - which means rebooking flights & hotels (ugh). Or do I stay & try to get someone else to meet me there - which means finding someone to work because I can't leave the store closed 2 weeks and more airline changes & arrangements. Or do I befriend someone on the street & just hang with them for a few days ? I am sure that the Ravioli Man that we saw a few visits ago would be up for it but ... I'm not sure .... Or do I just pass ?
So while it is a no-lose dilemma it is a dilemma .The horizon looked perfectly flat & clear and now there is a series of iceburgs, walruses, and cruise ships ahead - there is a path but it sure as heck isn't clear !! But the obstacles are pleasant & a path has to be chosen. I am off to mull it over for a few days !

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Happy Stamper said...

Crikey...look out an iceburg ahead?? It can happen all so quickly can't it! Glad your ship has steered clear and you are smooth sailing once again...just remember if you ever hit rough seas again you can phone a friend! You've got my number! :)

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