Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is what I mean about the joy in the "everydayness" of life. Yesterday may have been what some might call "an ordinary day". I helped Charlie in the feed store a bit, put up a few bead displays, packaged MORE beads, shopped for groceries, thought about doing laundry, chatted with friends, visited with family, enjoyed my cats ... But it was a joyful day - I laughed with friends ( until I had tears in my eyes), laughed with Charlie, felt the love of a great partnership, saw a lovely pink sunset, woke up to be snuggled by 3 - count 'em- 3 cats ... What more could one human possibly want ? There wasn't any huge excitement but it was a day drenched in happiness, laughter, and comfort. Yes sirree !! Life is crazy good !!

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Happy Stamper said...

Life is Crazy Good! I like should be our Bad Girls Band Slogan! Here's wishing you another Crazy Good Day!

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